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Just Drive. Let us find parking for you.

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CEO is Stanford PhD, Professor at UIUC, IEEE "Top 10 to Watch in AI." Multi-exits management team
Backed by Village Global VC with LPs including Jeff Bezos, Marc Zuckerberg, Magic Johnson
New Customers grew x3 from 2020, New Car OEM customer 2021
Customers include BMW, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom (parent of T-Mobile);
Partners include Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Startupbootcamp Berlin, Volkswagen PlugAndPlay
Patented AI technology, built for much more than parking—logistics, smart city, finance, real estate
Over $1MM revenue and cash flow positive 2019
Stellar, all-star team Techstars, multiple successful exists, publicly traded company former CEO

Our Team

Parking is the most painful part of every driving experience. By providing real-time information about parking availability, we will improve the lives of millions around the world by enabling people to spend more time doing what they love, and not being stuck in a car.

Our groundbreaking AI technology solves modern cities’ parking challenges—and much more.

Parknav® uses AI to identify available on-street parking in real-time. It is the only scalable solution that uses zero hardware and works on every street, 24/7, for all types of on-street parking (including free, metered & permit). Additionally, our technology predicts so much more than parking—and this investment opportunity includes these future opportunities.

We're back! Our previous investors would say "Don't miss this one."

This isn’t our first time on Wefunder. In fact, we launched highly successful campaigns in 2016 and one in early 2021. Since then, significant events have occurred -- including a new luxury-car-manufacturer customer, over 3x new customers in 2021 compared with 2020, and launching ground-breaking new products. Our investors asked for further opportunities to invest, and we listened - we're ready for Round Three!

Here’s how our investors have watched their investment grow since 2016:

We don’t have to tell you our technology works -- we have the traction to prove it. 

Urban residents have. a desperate need our solution, and as urbanization continues to accelerate—so does our demand.

Invest in an experienced, award-winning, internationally recognized data science and leadership team.

Parknav® was launched in 2015 by award-winning Professor and Data Scientist, Prof. Dr. Eyal Amir, whose 25 years of research is the foundation for our groundbreaking, patented and innovative technology. And our team experience doesn’t stop there—encompassing multiple exits, IPOs, and more..

Partners and customers trust our patented technology, which is available for 1,000+ cities in North America and Europe.

Parknav's® patented technology is trusted by some of the most well-known luxury automakers in the world (including BMW), the largest global telecommunication companies (including Deutsche Telekom), and large-scale Smart City service providers (including Siemens).

We're backed by Village Global, which includes some of the world's most well-known technology leaders.

Parknav® received investment from the California-based Venture Capital firm Village Global VC, which is backed by Diane Greene, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sara Blakely, Reid Hoffman, and more! Parknav® was also part of Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, Startupbootcamp Berlin, Wayra O2/Telefonica/Hyundai Accelerator, and the Volkswagen PlugAndPlay Accelerator.

Parknav® makes finding a parking spot easy and fast.

Traditionally, cities and businesses have relied on dedicated, physical parking sensors to determine real-time parking availability. This costs cities and people a lot of money and time and is neither practical nor scalable. Our solution is a precise, AI data-driven product that’s 100x more cost-effective—thus, 100x more scalable—and much more accurate. 

Here’s how we compare:

Parknav® uses data to determine real-time parking availability.

We use artificial intelligence to analyze data generated by cars manufacturers, telecommunication companies, insurance companies, car-sharing services, mapping companies and many other sources, along with our own proprietary data. This makes Parknav® the most accurate solution available.

Parknav® is poised to be the center of the Smart Cities revolution.

This impending Smart Cities revolution is demanding our unique technology expertise  and we're prepared to scale rapidly to capitalize on this momentum. The potential of Parknav® to improve Smart Cities is boundless: from enhanced citizen and government engagement to reduced environmental footprint, improved infrastructure and life quality for urban dwellers.

A Message from our CEO

Even as a little boy who had no need to look for parking himself, growing up in some of the most populated cities, the stress it placed on my family was always felt at the dinner table. Parking (or the lack thereof) affected many of the decisions we made and played a real toll on my relationships with friends and family outside of the city - especially with my father.

Fast-forwarding to 2007, all grown up and experienced in the pains of parking beyond the side effects from my parents, I started to rethink the direction of my research on Commonsense AI (the belief that computers need common sense in order to truly become intelligent). It became clear to me that I had something in my hands that could really change not just my world, but the entire world too.

It was also clear to me that this missing information wouldn’t require a rocket scientist to obtain, and that my Stanford Ph.D. in Computer Science together with a passionate enough vision would be enough to find a solution. Sensors are costly, limited, as well as imprecise. People are far too busy to provide information, and parking operators have no incentive to assist in finding a free spot.

What drove me even further to make this dream into a reality was the understanding that regardless of where or who we are, we all spend far too much time, money, and stress on parking that should be invested in our loved ones instead.

After returning to UIUC for my tenure, I knew the next step was to beat the future AI and develop our own knowledge to be even faster and better. And that’s exactly when my journey began of making us all smarter, starting out by providing precise and timely information covering the entire world from a bird’s eye view.

Today, this is exactly what Parknav does! Offering the most precise, real-time information about where there are available spots in 200 cities already, Parknav is ready for the next stage in its scale-up, preparing to expand from parking information to information about just everything you can imagine related to cities (while maintaining all privacy rights).

Parknav has recently undergone a massive increase in customers and is confident that 2022 will be the best year yet as we only continue to become stronger and stronger. Together with our team of modern-day superheroes, and your help - we are here to change the world. I invite you to join us on this incredible mission by taking part in our WeFunder campaign.

Eyal Amir, CEO

So much more than parking.

The AI-driven technology that powers Parknav® has predicted more than just parking. Our roadmap including predicting "EVERYDAY" situations (predicting what is occurring outside, such as where can I find a place to sit), "FIREHOSE" predictions (what is occurring off the street, such as does your favorite grocery store have your favorite toilet paper in stock) and "PERSONALIZED" predictions (what will happen to you later in the day, such as how is your health).

This technology is extremely exciting and is ALREADY proven with the success of Parknav ®.

Parknav® will help build the Smart Cities of the future.

Modern cities will have more traffic and less parking. Autonomous vehicles can park themselves, but Parknav® will provide the missing piece of the autonomous parking experience. We’ve already identified many more potential applications of our technology and data set, and it’s clear that Parknav® will play a significant role in making the Smart Cities revolution better.